Give Away Candy

9 05 2010

My goal to make it possible for everyone in the world (at least internet world) to give me candy is almost fulfilled.

setup of slickstreamer

As long as you have a twitter account you can, by writing “give @sidpiraya candy” on twitter. You can of curse see the candy be delivered on a live stream at the site

We (me and Marcus) has also build one more machine to be used in other project/events. for more info follow

More creative projects are one the way:-)




3 responses

18 12 2011

this needs to be on a busy street.. You could charge the net to give away candy And then people would be recieveing free Be a fun social experemnt

18 08 2012

Are there any plans to share coding and a walk through on how to make one of these? I volunteer with a non profit and would love to try to build one to help them get more exposure.

22 08 2012
Michael Nilsson

Yes, we have planned for that, actually for quite some time now. Its all about us getting the time and energy to write about it. We have started at least so hopefully there will be blog post about it in a not to far future 🙂
It will most likely be posted at my and marcus shared blog: so keep your eyes on that one.


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