Agile Retrospectives, Making Good Teams Great

28 04 2009

Agile Retrospectives, Making Good Teams Great by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen


Found myself writing a recommendation internally on our intranet, so I thought I better share it with some more people.

If you serious about agile you should doing good retrospectives, this is a really simple and concrete book for you to take retrospectives to a high level. I have also had the pleasure to attend in a 1 day workshop with Diana Larsen, if you have the possibility I warmly recommend you to do the same.

In my experience retrospectives not only help the process and the team to “inspect and adapt”.
It’s also a great way to build strong teams, mainly since it helps the communication and build trusts in the team. Start doing retrospectives seriously and you will grow really strong teams out of it.

I will try to going in more deeply in my experience of how retrospectives can help you building team in a later post.

The book at Amazon

Esther derby

Diana Larsen


Funny scrum videos

16 12 2008

Retrospective Karaoke

Have fun 🙂

(warning  this is only fun in the “scrum” software world).

Thanx to Patrick Debois posting this at the yahoo Retrospective group.

Don’t use red post-it if the doesn’t mean anything

15 12 2008

I will start this blog with a small simple tip.

Don’t use red post-it if the doesn’t have a special meaning.

Retrospective activity like “Mad, Sad, and Glad” and a lot of similar activities use different meanings to different colors when collecting data in your retrospective or similar meeting. There is nothing wrong with that, it can be very effective. But the next time when the colors don’t mean anything you got a small problem.

I used to hand out what ever color I have in my bag. I recently participated in a release retrospective where the facilitator was doing just like me, that’s when I realize that the red notes just pop up in my “picture” of the history and my attention where constantly drawn to these small red notes. I didn’t have the same experience with the green and yellow, I Guess it all comes down to the “warning” the red color signals.

So from now on I don’t give out the red unles the have a special meaning.