SlickStreamer part 1

11 05 2009


Once upon a time I was having one of many creative brainstorm/discussion with my old colleague Ricki Pedersen (@shim). This time we where running away in our minds thinking about how great it would be to just have a candy machine automatically giving us candy every time we had “earned” it. (And of course we earn it a lot :-)).

I kept on thinking how great it would be to use it as rewarding system in a dev team. Direct connected with systems like CC.Net, SVN, CVS, and TFS etc.

After presented it with another old college Marcus Olsson (@_macke_), it was getting some meat to it since he is the kind of guy that build robots on his spare time he have all the knowledge I didn’t have about the servo part.

We (Markus and I) started the project by buying a candy machine, servo controller and a servo. Now there was some energy and soon we had it ready to be controlled by our computer. Here are some pictures.

D’Oh! Now it was late 2006 and we had crazy load of work at the company and we hade no extra energy for project like this. It was stalled. We did try to energize the project again by adding it to source forge and invited more colleague to help us. But again I guess all our energy went to other projects.

I still like to finish the “reward” project but right now its on hold since I have kidnapped the machine for my twitter project.

Ok so what am I doing with a candy machine on twitter?

I want to give anyone in the world the possibility to give me a candy.
That’s it.

I will go in to more details about the setup in the next post, in the main time follow me on twitter will give you the possibility to be a part of the beta tests and have all the latest news about the project. This is a hobby project that I run in my spare time, so please be patient if the progress is a bit slow.

Get ready to Give @sidpiraya candy